IMG_20160221_164316Hello! We are Mita and Tyler, two 20-somethings who met in college and have been best friends ever since. We spend our time trying to explore the world around us, studying, playing with our dogs, cooking, travelling, debating, and smiling…all with the main goal of maximizing happiness. On our recent trip to Peru (2o16), we decided to combine forces and make a blog together. We have different approaches to the world, occasionally different opinions, and definitely different interests, and we thought..why not? Food, medicine, policy, travel, economics, and dogs…what could be better?

Disclaimer: Anything we post on this blog, or any of its subpages, does not reflect the opinions/ideas/thoughts of MGH, MGH Department of Internal Medicine, or any of its affiliates, but rather my own personal thoughts, opinions, and learnings. Further, nothing on this blog should be taken as medical or health advice for any individual person. If you have questions about your health, please contact your local health care provider. 

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