Pictures of 2018

The last post I wrote was in August of 2018. That’s a long time to go without writing. It’s not that I didn’t write, it’s that the world got so busy that I didn’t update, and when I wanted to, I couldn’t think of what I wanted to write about. I’ve been baking, but I … More Pictures of 2018

Exploring California 4: Coyote Hills Regional Park + Coconut Curry Soup-Salad

When we moved to California, I promised myself we would spend as much time outside as possible. We would hike, camp, walk, run, and bike (if I ever re-learn, it’s definitely NOT like riding a bike, you CAN forget) our way across Northern California. Apparently I forgot I was in residency — it’s a slow … More Exploring California 4: Coyote Hills Regional Park + Coconut Curry Soup-Salad

2017 in pictures

2017 was a year. I put in my first central line by myself, Donald Trump was inaugurated president, I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my partner, we moved to California (!!), I started a new residency program and joined the Stanford family, Tyler started graduate school (!!), we hiked, we ate, we loved, we … More 2017 in pictures

Sunday Funday

It’s nice to have a day off. I’m looking forward at a long set of one day weekends (gray weekends) before I get a two day weekend (golden weekend). Let’s not talk about no weekend (black weekend). Enjoy what you can though! This weekend, I had a lovely dinner with my friend Kathy May Tran and her … More Sunday Funday

Happy Father’s Day

Frequently, I think about the world in animated cartoons. When I think about different people, their cartoon image pops up in my head, and some key memories I’ve associated with them “autopopulate” around that image. I have a quirky brain. With Papa, it’s being in elementary school and having him come pick up me up from class … More Happy Father’s Day