Avocado Fries

As an Arizonan, I feel that I know avocados. I can estimate how long it will take them to ripen, I can figure out whether they’ll taste better as guacamole or as just smashed on top of a piece of toast. Give me an avocado, some olive oil, some salt, and a spoon, and I am … More Avocado Fries

Mint and Pea Crostini with Pickled Radishes and Burrata

Spring has finally laid its gentle hand on the winter-weary backs of Bostonians. That’s my fancy way of saying — it’s SPRING! I classify that temperatures above 32F. The icebergs have melted (mostly), the sun is out (sometimes), and I don’t have to wear multiple layers to brave the wintry winds (usually). Celebration wouldn’t be … More Mint and Pea Crostini with Pickled Radishes and Burrata

GF Cucumber Canape

My goal: increase the number of posts I churn out. I love to write, good or bad, I love to write…which any of my friends from college who knew me first year (looking at you Sam and Liz) will laugh at. But whatever, writing is cathartic and expressive and lasting. With a blog though, there’s … More GF Cucumber Canape