Brunch Time! Easy Vanilla-Almond Baked French Toast

It’s been a struggle to sit still recently and just enjoy the moment. Most doctors tell me, “Enjoy medical school, you’ll never get the time off that you do then!” but then I everywhere I turn, friends are publishing papers and going to conferences, getting involved with all kinds of research, and I’m…petting my new … More Brunch Time! Easy Vanilla-Almond Baked French Toast

A British Breakfast

Arguably the easiest international breakfast ever. A few weekends ago, T- and I went over to a friend’s house in Austin. She and her boyfriend had this lovely apartment near 6th street, and we enjoyed ourselves very much  As a mid-afternoon snack on our second day there, our lovely yet tiny hostess suggested beans and … More A British Breakfast

Tasty Breakfast

Biscuits with poached eggs over beet greens So, Saturday morning is arguably my favorite time of the week. I can wake up leisurely without an alarm…T- and I can peacefully make breakfast that usually includes coffee and omlettes. But last weekend I decided to indulge. I got up and made buttermilk biscuits and poached an … More Tasty Breakfast