Weekly Menus

As I gear up to start residency, a few things really pop into my mind: excitement, fear, disbelief, and balance. Balance is critical here. Balancing work, study, marriage, personal health, mental health, physical health, etc is critical to being the best medical provider, partner, friend, person, etc I can be. So when thinking about that, I tried breakdown ways to optimize my balance while in residency. That took a good deal of introspection, just like I did at the beginning of medical school, to figure out and re-order my priorities list so to speak. Among the things that is important to me, is food (obviously). But seriously, eating good, and healthy food is important to my overall happiness.

With noon conferences at the hospital, I doubt I will have a shortage of good tasting food, but its health-value (in my opinion) is questionable. So, that prompted to me to figure out how I can maximize the likelihood of me eating tasty but still healthful food during my intern year. A big part of the problem is the meal planning: thinking, writing out, coming up with ideas…it’s easy and creative when my mind isn’t occupied/sleep deprived/otherwise thinking “I don’t have time for this.” Hence this project! Over the next few weeks before I start residency, I’m going to lay out some meal plans with associated grocery lists that we’ll be following. It was initially just for me and Tyler, but I figured, why not throw it on the blog? It’s easy, and if anyone finds the ideas helpful, then yay! So…wish me good luck and I hope this helps!