Weekends go by way too fast. Friday night is great because you know you have two day of no work ahead of you. Saturday morning is lazy…sleeping in, enjoying the fact you don’t have to get up at 6:15 to go to work…but by mid-Saturday afternoon I’m realizing I have to go back to work in a day and a half…so I’ve reached the point of no return: recognition that the weekend is almost over. For the next day and a half, I mope about thinking about how I have to go to work on Monday, freaking out at least once about that fact on Saturday and maybe once more on Sunday.

I really need to change that — thinking about how the weekend is almost over, when it’s STILL Saturday. It just increases my stress level and ultimately makes me unhappy. Ergo, I’m turning over a new leaf (something I say I’m doing every Sunday, but this time hopefully I’ll hold to it) — weekends, every second of them, are fun. They are meant to be enjoyed, and even if they’re almost over, they’re not yet, right? It’s my attitude that maintains weekend fun-ness.

Okay, introspection over, back to work/relaxing. At least I’m not AT work doing work and I can sit and pet Jacques while I grade šŸ™‚

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