Break! and dog sex.

Honestly, I can’t express how overjoyed I am that it’s break. I just finished my flipchart for Week 18, have my worksheets done, am spending time at home with my mom (and soon my dad), then jetting off to California to spend time with T-‘s parents…man alive, it feels good to be on break!

T- is acting a little funny though, he’s sneaking around doing “Christmas Magic” as he puts it, which leads me to believe that my lovely boyfriend is still in search of a gift for me. I, however, was amazing enough to plan an excellent Corpus Christi getaway 🙂 I even found a hotel that takes dogs — so Jacques can come with us.

Speaking of dogs — why is that even after dogs lose their balls, they still want to hump like monkies? For example, Jacques, he was de-manned at a young age, and we thought nope, he doesn’t hump. Then one fine day at the dog park he meets a fine bitch (haha, get it?) and gets frisky with her for 30 minutes! All he does is chase and hump. If she runs away while he’s trying to do her, he’ll run after he — humping the air the whole time. Then Miriam comes over that same evening and he humps her leg. Anyways, our cockapoo is a slut. And Krinkle, he lost his balls, but he still chases after Pebbles like a MAD-MAN. Although I will tell you, he still can’t find the right hole, so he ends up just humping her back. I wonder if they  get some enjoyment out of it? fMRI a dogs brain while he’s trying to do it. Yep — my next research project.

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