Ways to say "howdy doody" to your neighbors without freaking them out :-)

So we actually have neighbors now, and I decided to say hello 🙂 But how can you say hello without a treat? Soooo…my lovely mom (who was visiting) got two-bite brownies from Costco and said I should give those to our neighbors (instead of laboring over sugar cookies as I was planning to do — her idea = way better…why make sugar cookies when I wouldn’t be the main one eating them?). Anyways, so I busted out those cards that I make and decided on some pretty yellow and orange ones with nice little leaves on them.

Side note — I’ve just decided to write a whole blog post in the near future about the amazingness of homemade cards and the brilliance of keeping in touch with them. It gives me a reason to send out birthday cards to everyone in my family 🙂

Anyways — I use some cellophane bags, purple curling ribbon, and brownies to make a cute and adorable gift.

Brownie Bag w/ card for the neighbors! 

Anyways — try it, tie the card onto the ribbon so it doesn’t get lost 🙂


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