New Title.

So basically the story goes as follows:

Cheesecake take 1:

1. I decided to make cheesecake on a whim.
2. I use a new cheesecake recipe..and read it incorrectly…(let’s just say it called for 3 packages of cream cheese…I used one)
3. I mix all the ingredients together…and notice its a little water-y/eggy, think nothing of it.
4. Bake it.
5. Get impatient and burn hand while trying to check if its done. It’s not.
6. Fail to put ice on hand, and get a blister while it’s still baking.
7. Pull now done cheesecake out of the oven. It is not cheesecake. It is egg-omlette cake with a dash of cream cheese. It has very eggy sponginess to it, and Tyler eyes it like its the devil. Refuses to eat more than one.

Cheesecake take 2:
I actually add the right amount of everything…things are going beautifully! I start patting myself on the back…saying “whose da baker? YOU DA BAKER?!” “Why yes President Obama, I will bake a cheesecake for your birthday — what the Queen will be there too?! Cheerio!”

I even go so far as to do a little dance for myself. During this dance, I drop the entire container of cinnamon in the cream cheese mixture.

Luckily it didn’t all fall in, but that summarizes my general cooking/baking trials in the kitchen. I cook great, I bake well…but dammit, I’m clumsy as hell.

Oh yeah, the cheesecake turned out fantastic.

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