Ruby Red Peach Reduction

So we got married. It was fantastic, and everything I thought it’d be. Oddly, I feel the same, and I love it. He’s my husband, and I’m his wife. It’s simple, and right. I don’t feel like writing any more on it quite yet, so maybe later? 

We also just drove along the entire coast of California, from LA where saw the beautificous L and stayed with T’s lovely aunt P and her wonderful husband V, they were such wonderful hosts. I left them with the Raspberry White Balsamic Fruit Tart, which I hope they enjoy. Going to LA made me realize how much I love it, it’s such a diverse city, you’ve got everything there. It reminded me a little bit of Boston actually, except much more spread out, with WICKED awful traffic on the 405. 

Anyways, there is not an ugly spot up the coast of California, it’s gorgeous…with tons of beach everywhere. My new husband and I had a picnic on a pretty secluded beach while our puppy got very excited about peeing on everything. 

Husband 🙂 

Now on to the good stuff. I made a tasty gluten free dessert, without even meaning to make a gluten free dessert. Freaky, no? 

T’s parents A and D got tasty Ruby Red peaches from their farmers market, and we had this awesome stuff called goats milk butter, so I figure hey, why not try mixing them?

If you haven’t had goats milk butter, well, you’re not alone, I had it for the first time last week, and it’s great! It has a light, nutty flavor to it, kind of like goats milk, which if you also haven’t had straight up, hit up your local Whole Foods and do it up, it’s great! 

Anyways, this Ruby Red Peach Reduction as we decided to call it, is a wonderful topping for ice cream or soy ice cream. Even better, take a plain rice cake, top it with this, then add a dollop of creme fraishe or mascarpone and it’ll make a wonderful dessert! Or just eat it plain…

…the opportunities are endless…enjoy!

Ruby Red Peach Reduction

1-2 fresh, sweet peaches, sliced
2.5 tbsp. goats milk butter
1.5 tbsp. brown sugar

**Really you can play around with the amount of stuff, adding more or less depending on how you like it** 

In a medium sauce pan over high heat, melt the butter. When it’s melted and starting to bubble, add the brown sugar in and whisk it together. Reduce the heat to medium-high. Cook for about 30-45 more seconds. Add in the peach slices, and cook for 1-1.5 min. Then turn off and leave in the pan for another minute. Serve hot!

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