How To Make…Homemade Sugar Scrub

Hey blog…it’s been a while. It started out with me being like…meh, I baked this thing, I’ll blog it later. 

Then a few days later…I’d be like, “BLASPHEMY! Some social injustice has occurred, I must blog about it!” and about half way through the post, I’d get sucked into an episode of Charmed, or realize that I should be lesson planning. 

Then a week later, it’d become this awkward mess of…it’s just really silly to go back and finish that post now…or I’ll do that later, or…well, I really have nothing interesting to say. 

Awkward. Especially since I still have nothing new to say. 

Except to share this awesome homemade sugar scrub. Seriously, you need to make it, it’s super easy. Friends who are reading my blog, expect this for winter presents! 

My friend Laurie, from Laurie’s Little Kitchen, gave me this amazing Rose Spice sugar scrub a while back, and I was like “holy shennanigans! You made that?” She nodded, humbly. That woman can make almost anything I would buy outside, at home. If you haven’t checked out her blog, DO it. 

Anyways, I proceeded to use that sugar scrub up WAY too fast. It was awesome, I would always leave the shower feeling both refreshed and with super soft skin. When my container was empty, I was like GAH, can I ask her to send me more? NAY! I shall make my own. 

Of course I reserved like an hour and a half to do it, thinking it was super complicated. Yeah, no. It’s three ingredients. And took me 5 minutes. Make some of your own, it’s amazing. 

You’ll need: 

1 Plastic Container
2. Olive Oil or Vegetable Glycerin

  • Glycerin — you can find it at your local whole foods. It is basically scentless, so if you hate the smell of olive oil, use this. 
  • Olive oil — I used this. Adds a pretty color, smells good to me.

3. Sugar
4. Optional — Essential Oil or extract you want to scent your scrub with. I used Lavender essential oil. 

1. Find a plastic container.

Awkward Picture, but it smells amazing

I just re-used the one Laurie gave me. I wouldn’t suggest glass, because well, if you’re going to keep it in the shower…yeah, self-explanatory. 

2. Fill that container with white sugar. Fill it FULL. 

Scrub a-dub-dub

I used raw sugar because it’s usually coarser, but honestly, you can use regular too. Fill it FULL, because the oil or glycerin weighs it down. 

Ignore the wrinkly hand, look at the pretty scrub

3. Pour the glycerin or oil in slowly. 

It’ll sit at the top first, but use a spoon to mix it into the sugar. This step takes the most time. 

4. Optional — mix in a few drops of essential oil or extract (vanilla, almond, whatever floats your boat), it’s great.



Note — This a body, not face, sugar scrub. 

2 thoughts on “How To Make…Homemade Sugar Scrub

  1. Glad you like the scrub so much. You can ask for more but I am glad you made your own. In case your reader would like a recipe…I use 1 cup sugar to 1/3 cup oil. I use almond oil, smells less like salad and has a slightly longer shelf-life. If I am going to use an essential oil I add it to the almond oil before I mix it into the sugar. I used rose clay in your scrub, I add that to the sugar before I add the oil. You can use salt as well, it's just an exfoliant, the coarser your sugar or salt the rougher your scrub will be.


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