Thoughts from the Tarmac

So yesterday, Tyler and I decided to travel back to good ol’ San Antone from California. Easy task? No. After missed connections, hours on the tarmac, and new flights, we made it to SA five hours after we were supposed to land. While stuck on the Tarmac at around 7:30 AM and while still half-asleep, I decided the best use of my time would be to write a blog post from my tiny iPhone. This is what came out…enjoy!


We are stuck on the Tarmac in San Jose, California right now…it is too foggy to take off. Probably a bad idea to take off if we can’t see the runway is my husband’s logic, and I agree immensely. I only regret that I forgot the tasty lunch I packed at his parents house and my decision to wait till we landed in LAX to get a snack. Oh airport terminal…so close but so far away. I will say, I get nervous every time I see someone headed to relieve themselves in the plane facilities…the idea of overflowing toilets in a confined space after thanksgiving with no air-freshner and not enough consumable ethanol to trick my brain into thinking I’m near a taco bell, is a less than ideal situation one might say.

The pilot just told us the weather has gotten worse with time. Overflowing toilets: 1, Mita: 0

Anyways, now is as good a time as any to become proficient in my all too tiny iPhone key pad to write this blogpost. This trip was incredibly fun and painfully short…however there was one notable peculiarity, Tyler and I started off with two bags between us, and ended with five.

My husband, trying to comprehend the magnitude of stuff that we are taking back to our relatively small house of course blamed me, “maybe next time we dont end up with five pairs of shoes.” Here, on the 27th day of November of the year 2011, I would like it to be noted by all four of you that read my blog (including the aforementioned husband) that I only purchased one pair of shoes and brought with me two pairs. Being of the female gender and realizing I cannot wear my chucks with a green sweater dress (a concept lost on my always fashionable husband), this seems a reasonable amount of footwear. The other two pairs were gifted to me by my dear mother and my mother-in-law. The first was a reasonable pair of sandals, both classic and comfortable–therefore foolish to turn down. The others were brightly colored ked-type shoes with streaks of purple. As an aficionado of all things purple and shiny, these were a must have…never mind that they don’t fit perfectly, much like the smart stepsister that never made into them mainstream version of Cinderella, I make my feet fit the shoe.

So reader, you can seem how five pairs were not only necessary but also easy to accumulate.

More salient to my argument that I am not at fault in the suitcase dibocal is the fact that he recieved a large quantity of new apparel, that is taking up the bulk of the suitcase space. Now of course I have no problem with his newly acquired clothing as it will add diversity to his tri-chromatic wardrobe, I am simply defending both my honor in travel-packing and my ability, nay, my right, to accumulate footwear.

Oh good, they are serving us drinks while stuck on the Tarmac, that will certainly help he growing bathroom line.

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