Do we have an obligation?

So I have been shying away from social/political posts as of late because well…because. So I read, I keep up, but instead of posting about it, I just discuss it with Tyler. But I finally broke when I saw someone post this week, April 2012, about a the Trayvon Martin shooting which happened on February 26th.

As well educated adults, time is almost never something we have in excess, especially time to leisurely read the news. But do we have an obligation to society to ensure that we are baseline well-informed? I think we do. 

Educated adults will be a leaders of the next generation. Not necessarily through public office or private sector commerce, but in some way they will impact the future. It’s important then, to be aware of the major current events that cause a ripple in our environment. The outcomes of these events are the ones that will define our generation and shape our future–healthcare, Trayvon Martin, Arab Spring, etc.

It is a bit ridiculous to suggest a person read the New York Times front to back everyday, and that’s not my goal. Actions like setting a browser homepage to a new site website, or downloading a new site app on a smart phone and browsing the headlines over lunch, take less than five minutes and can continuously keep one in the know. 

Whether we like it or not, the world is become ever-smaller and we can no longer just focus on the events in our narrow life-bubble. To truly have an impact, and we must, the educated must look beyond the bachelor’s degree and continue to critically think about the events and world around them in order to shape the future.

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