Burnt Orange Rose Cocktails

Germany, 2013. On our way to Berlin

It’s been a while. It’s not that I haven’t been inspired by food, it’s that I haven’t been inspired to write about food. But now…I am. In less than 6 months I’ll be “on the wards.” What that means is that instead of lecture, study, exam, repeat, I’ll be see how what I learned translates into actual patient cases…and then lecture, study, exam, repeat. It’s amazing the things I’ve managed to shove, and I mean shove, into my brain over the past 1.5 years. I remember sitting on the floor nearly in tears over my Netter anatomy book because I was so overwhelmed by all the muscles in the body, 2nd year seemed like a million years away, and the Board exam were the farthest thing on my mind. Now, I’ve passed Anatomy, over half way done with second year, and I’ll be taking the Step 1 Board exam in May…so  I’m definitely thinking about that. 

Gluehwein at a Christmas Market in Berlin


Famous Hamburg Gardens

It’s amazing how life can just happen sometimes. I was talking to my friend Lauri yesterday after our latest exam–we were sitting in a coffee shop tying up the last few strings from our latest module before celebrating another exam being done–and I said my biggest worry was that I would lose myself in work. I love learning about medicine, but I definitely scared that I won’t DO the things outside of school that make me happy. I’m scared that I’ll get so myopic in my view that all I’ll be able to see is the next step, and everything else will get only marginal amounts of my focus. 

Burnt Orage Rose Cocktail

But I think that the fear is good. I think having that fear will motivate me to do things…like go to Germany over winter break when I’m living on loans and when it would be easier to give into inertia and study over break. It’ll motivate me to keep doing things I love: walking my dog along the river so that I can see the world outside, finding creativity in food, etc. It’ll motivate me to remember that life is happening. 

So on that note, I made this interesting drink last night with oranges, limes, and rose water. Caramelizing the oranges brings out a very interesting flavor that is highlighted by the rose water. Try it, it’ll be amazing. 

Burnt Oranges
Mason Jar Shaker
Rose Water
Salt rimmed and beautiful
Dinner and Drinks

Burnt Orange Rose Cocktails
Makes one drink

2 oz. tequila
1.3 oz. Triple Sec or Grand Mariner
0.33 fresh lime juice
2 Oranges, sliced in half
0.67 oz rose water 
Crushed Ice

Salt for the glass rim

Take the orange halves and put them in the broiler for about 7 minutes or until the tops are brown-black, but not burnt. Pull them out of the oven to cool. Mix the tequila, triple sec, rose water, and lime juice in a container. Shake them up well to mix. When the oranges have cooled, juice them into the container, and shake it up again. Pour them over ice in salt-rimmed glasses and enjoy. 

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