4 ingredient Coconut Macaroons and Surgery

Time is of the essence right now. I pre-make all my lunches, pre-prepare my protein shakes at night so my breakfast is drinkable, set my to go cup under the coffee maker so I just have to press a button, and after much trial and error have all my clothes laid out in the most time efficient manner so that when the alarm goes off at 4AM, I can hit snooze once, and then tumble out of bed and into my work clothes. Brush my teeth and let the dogs out after I hit the coffee button, brush my hair, put on some mascara, grab my lunch, kiss the hubs, and pet the dogs, and BOUNCE out the door to get to work on time.

It’s dark when I get there, it’s dark when I go home, but the OR is filled with bright lights, and of course blood, guts, etc.

It’s a privilege to be able to see inside the human body, to be able to stick my hands where no one else’s hands have ever been before. Which sounds totally odd and gross, but it’s such a surreal feeling when you realize, hey, that’s small intestine that I’m touching, or hey, that’s a beating human heart that I just suctioned blood out of…it’s nuts.

Then, if you’re lucky, you get to suture. Take the U shaped needle in the needle drivers, and the forceps (not to be called tweezers as I was informed), and get to work on some tissue. Got vertical, go horizontal, no…hold it like this! Like a pencil, why are you putting your fingers like that? Don’t tear the tissue! Excellent, that’s right. Do it again. It’s ridiculously exciting, and worth standing there for 10 hours barely suctioning and not spoken to, to have the privilege of feeling things, seeing things, and maybe even suturing things.

But time is definitely of the essence–study when you can, sleep as much as you can, eat when you can–my bastardization of a common phrase in surgery.

For me, bake when you can. Hence the 4 ingredient coconut macaroon that turn out delicious in under and hour. Dip them in chocolate, add in nuts, dried fruit, or any other flavors you want…crushed candy cane for the holidays? Pumpkin puree for the fall? Anything really…the macaroon is your oyster.

one kind of bad picture…I was too busy eating them to get a better picture

4-ingredient Coconut Macaroons 

3 cups sweetened, shredded coconut
4 egg whites
1 tsp vanilla or almond flavoring

Mix egg whites, vanilla, and salt together. Add in the coconut. Mix together. Let rest for 10 minutes. Then form into mounds with your hands or a scooper if you have one. Make sure they’re well stuck together.

Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes, and then enjoy!

One thought on “4 ingredient Coconut Macaroons and Surgery

  1. I loved hearing your take on being in the OR and your wonder at working inside our amazing bodies. I wish I could drop by to hear more stories and sample these great looking cookies. Maybe some day….I will be making the cookies soon !!


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