Bing-Lex-Burg 2015!

We went on a road trip, and now we’re back! It’s spring break 2015. As an “adult,” I found it a little troubling to use the term “spring break” but then I though — why not? Even adults need something to break up the monotony that exists between winter holidays and inevitable summer vacations/staycations. It clears the mind, it resets, and it makes you pine for sunshine in your snow-covered state. 
1943 miles. That’s a lot of McDonald’s pee breaks, music playlists, random books on my phone, and miles on Savannah (the car). It was great though — we got to see Kate, Liz, Sam, and visit the best Chinese bakery in NYC, the Golden Steamer to get $.85 pumpkin buns. Worth it. It was nice having the time in the car with just Tyler, music, random thoughts, and a book. It’s sitting down and seeing each other, and being like “hi, no dogs, no TV, no nothing. Let’s see if we can entertain each other still.” And we can. 8 years later, and we can. 
8 years, eh?
Tower of Beer + UK basketball
I wish I could say that I had the foresight to write down and take pictures of all the awesome things we did in those places, but I didn’t. And it wasn’t about that — it was about seeing some awesome women, how they’ve built their lives, and how we still fit into each others lives 5 years after we met. So much as changed, and we live in different parts of the country now, at different points in our lives, but it was so wonderful to see that when we are in bing-lex-burgh together, it’s still hugs, kisses, beer (oh the kentucky beer),conversations, and easiness. That’s it — I love that it’s still easy. 
Thank you Kate for a great time in your awesome apartment. I can’t wait to visit in the summer and see Binghamton in it’s full glory. Thanks for showing me that 2 years later, it still feels like we knew each other in college. And that I can love cats. 
Binghamton fog


Thank you Sam for a wonderful time in your beautiful home, and showing me that 5 years later and 2000 miles away, it’s still as easy as the day I walked into your room in college and started eating your goldfish crackers.
Smiles and friends
Thank you Liz for a fun time and your adorable new dog! Thanks for showing me that 5 years later I can still chat with you about the weirdest things, and the most important things. It’s definitely still as easy as the day we sat in the hallways looking at our belly button hair. 
Shartlesville, PA
Sweet, delicate goodness
And finally, thank you Golden Steamer’s pumpkin bun. You have no idea how long I’d been waiting for your sweet, sweet pumpkin goodness. I walked into your store, and your people just stared at me while I trembled with anticipation and held on to you like Gollum. I laughed maniacally when they rang me up, and ran from the store, and I’m not ashamed to say that I consumed your warm goodness next to a vat of drying and pickled fish, and a puddle of what I can only assume to be dog urine. Thank you for showing me that for less than a dollar I can experience seeing the gates of heaven. I only hope your frozen brethren in my home will be just as good as you. Thank you, sweet, sweet friend. 

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