Cauliflower Bowl

I want to do things this summer/fall. I’ll make a list. That way I’ll get like 80% of them done.

1. Kayak on the charles
2. Get through Native Son, Notes on a Native Son, Queen of Shadows, and Lolita. A mix of books.
3. Join a book club.
4. Go camping x 2…hopefully in New Hampshire. Or the Berkshires!
5. Paint something
6. Finish applications…that way I know I do AT LEAST one thing
7. Train my dog to do 1 new tricks.
8. Run 2 miles at < 10 minute pace for each.
9. Finish Insanity
10. Find and purchase my “fall tea” collection.
11. Perfect my banana bread recipe.
12.  White Mountain Hike.
13. Start posting weekly menus

Thirteen things. I’ll come back and mark them off as I go along. Hopefully. But this way I’ve articulated it, it’s on paper….or e-paper in this case, and when I’m thinking…what should I do? I do this stuff. Instead of watching Fraiser. Too much Fraiser.

And now for something entirely different, a cauliflower bowl! I’ve been skeptical about cauliflower “rice” for quite some time. I’ve seen it all over other blogs, on pintrest, and some of my friends have gone on about how much they love it. But meh.

Then I saw this great cauliflower rice bowl from and figured…why not? I have the time, I didn’t yet have my articulated list of pre-prescribed activities. Plus, I think I can do it under 30 minutes. Hey, if I can make it in <30 minutes on a weekday, I’ll give it a shot.

And this worked. The “rice” has no real flavor…so it’s takes up the taste of whatever you season it with, in my case a little garlic, salt, pepper, and lime juice. It acts as a medium over which you can layer other flavors, beans, guacamole, salsa, corn, cilantro, red pepper, etc. and is healthier than rice.

Finished product!

Surprisingly easy to make if you have a food processor, without…it’d be harder. I used the grater attachment on mine to get the cauliflower small. I just cut it into raw relatively large chunks, put it in the food processor, and it’s done. You can also use a box grater…or just cut it up into small pieces.

Then just sautee it up with some olive oil or butter until it reaches the “softness” you desire. Try it out.

Cauliflower Rice Bowl (Mexican flavor inspired) 

1 head raw cauliflower
Butter/olive oil

Optional toppings:
Red Pepper
Hot Sauce
Red Onion

Cut the head of cauliflower into pieces that either fit into your food processor/food processor shoot, or to use on a box grater, or cut into small (super small) pieces.

When it’s grated, heat up a pan with 2 tablespoons olive oil or butter, add garlic or whatever other aromatics you want at this point, then toss in the cauliflower when warm. Sautee the “rice,” turning it moderately frequently until it reaches the crunchiness or softness you desire.

Then top it with your toppings! I did a Mexican-inspired one (see optional toppings above). You can do middle eastern inspired with some yogurt, roasted eggplant, yams, and spices. Or try Greek inspired with cucumber, tomato, red onion, yogurt, etc. Or Asian inspired and top with a stirfry.

The “rice” keeps in the fridge for ~2-3  days, so you can reuse it 🙂









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