And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor…

And they’re in! Applications that is. Actually, they went in two days ago (9/15/15). Yep, I typed that whole date out. It’s a date I’m going to remember. Four years. Remember this post when I started medical school? I do.

The details are fuzzy, I honestly don’t remember the white coat ceremony well other than we had to wait in line and it was hot. But I remember getting my picture taken for my ID. I was so nervous–not because of having my picture taken, but that it was getting a medical school ID. After the worrying, and the applications, and the what not, I’d get a tangible piece of something saying I was a medical student.

Then I remember taking pictures in front of the school with my mom and Tyler and my dad in my white coat. I remember wondering what kind of doctor I’d be.

So now to wait for interviews, then eventually rank lists, then match day. This is the song that I keep playing in my head. Catchy.


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