is with her

For those who don’t spend any time in the fever-swamps of the right wing, is one of the reliable standard bearers. As it’s name suggests, it’s pretty reliably right wing. And yet, in the wake of Trump’s presumptive nomination, they are unambiguously throwing their weight behind HRC.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, they say they’re opposed to her. They say they are #nevertrump AND #neverclinton, and want a third-party candidate. But they’re not that foolish, they know how things work. They know full-well that a conservative third-party candidate will all but ensure a Clinton victory. So while they might not be able to stomach actually voting that way, and they might not be able to stomach saying as much, their position is unambiguious. When push comes to shove, supports HRC.

(PS.  They know as much.  That’s why they say congress should put Garland on the bench immediately.)

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