Voter Suppression


The three killed registering voters in Mississippi, later dramatized as “Mississippi Burning”

I saw a post on FB today saying how the “voter suppression” in CA is starting–because if you register to vote by mail as “no party,” you then need to send in a separate request to vote in the Democratic primary.

This is asking that people who would like to vote in the Democratic primary actually express that preference, in some way, at some point.

This is not voter suppression.  Voter suppression is when you try to make it so the wrong kind of person can’t vote. Voter suppression is poll taxes, and literacy tests, and ID laws that conveniently aren’t enforced in white areas, and intimidation, and sometimes murder.

This is actually kinda funny on some level though.  This month, Bernie supporters seem to show they have no idea what “voter suppression” actually looks like.  Two months ago, they did more or less the same, when they tried to make “Mississippi Berning” a thing.

This is embarrassing guys.

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