Peru Photos Part 2

After we got to Arequipa, we settled into our hostel.  Here we have two night-time photos, highly desaturated because of the low light (I suspect they’re badly underexposed, but I like the effect).  I particularly like the one of Mita–you can tell it’s a long exposure, because you can see the bench superimposed on her–it means that she held still for a while with the shutter open, and then stood up and walked out of the frame before I closed the shutter.

Then, our tour began: in the pre-dawn hours, we drove out of the city, into the increasingly remote hinterlands.

Some would call these poorly exposed, some would call them “dreamlike,” but I just call them reflective of my memory–it was dark, and I was sleepy, and my memory is about as fuzzy as these photos.

Our first stop, however, was not so fuzzy: Petroglyphs and a killer view of an lush green valley. Those photos could use a bit more editing though, so I’ll just leave black and whites of the valley, and Mita looking out with our wonderful guide.


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