Sunday Funday

It’s nice to have a day off. I’m looking forward at a long set of one day weekends (gray weekends) before I get a two day weekend (golden weekend). Let’s not talk about no weekend (black weekend). Enjoy what you can though!

This weekend, I had a lovely dinner with my friend Kathy May Tran and her husband Silas — we are co-interns, and were together on my first full Bigelow service. Sunday we slept in, walked the dogs, and enjoyed visiting with our friends Mary and Ishan, who we have known for a little over 5 years now.

We had a lovely brunch of pan-friend polenta with sweet potato, shiitake mushroom hash, finished off with chia seed pudding with mangos and sliced almonds brought over by Mary.

A good weekend where we enjoyed being ourselves. Intern year isn’t horrible. It’s hard work, it’s long hours, it’s tiring, it’s frustrating, but there are so many upsides. Here’s to hoping I stay as happy as I am now. Here are some pictures from this weekend and a few extras.


Kathy, Silas, and Tyler with ALL OF THE FOOD


bubble gum





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