Exploring California Part 2: Half Moon Bay and Mamacita’s Food Truck

Poplar Beach before all the fog

I am lucky to still have my weekends to myself. I have two days to decompress, read, walk the dogs, and explore my new home. We have spent the last few months venturing out and making this place home, finding our favorite place to eat, where we get our groceries, a local dog parks. We still have yet to find a good hair cutting place though, happily that’s less of an issue for me than it is for Tyler.

This past weekend my Maa visited. After being on call on Friday and coming home to her already asleep, I wanted to do something fun on Saturday, her last day. So I jumped with joy when Tyler suggested Half Moon Bay, which I have always wanted to see. Half Moon Bay is a coastal city with breathtaking views of the ocean and lovely hikes, some of which are dog-friendly. We cut across to get to highway 1 and worked our way up to the city. We had been driving for around 30 minutes when we popped over a hill and just like that, instead of farmland, there were cliffs and waves, and blue.

We parked at Poplar Beach , a dog friendly city beach, and walked along the water with Rain and my Mom, making our way through the fog and listening to the six foot waves crashing against the sand. Horses passed us, people and their dogs ran by, and Rain tried to interrupt more than one romantic picnic. High tide was coming so we walked back up to higher ground and walked along the beach, Rain sniffing all the plants and ocean air with vigor, my mom bundled up with a scarf around her ears, and Tyler looking for photo opportunities. It was all in all what I would describe as happy.

I highly recommend going to Half Moon Bay, I can’t describe how beautiful and peaceful it was. There’s a lovely trail along Poplar Beach that you can walk/run along with your dog. Bring a jacket, it can get chilly.

After, we were peckish and headed over to Mamacita’s Food Truck in Mountain View. Tyler and I had already been there once this week with our friends from residency and were looking for an opportunity to go back. The burritos, the tacos, the rainbow of salsa available — yes, this is one of my favorite new places. We got the vegetarian burrito ($10) this time in addition to tacos ($3 each), and they were unbelievably good. Flavorful, filling, and packed with veggies and beans. Do yourself a solid and go there if you live in the Bay Area.

Part of the Exploring California series, where we explore and play in our new home.

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