Weekend Words #1

Do you ever feel like a chicken running around with your head cut off? I do. I do things and then at the end of the day wonder what I’ve done.

Vegan chocolate mousse, it was actually good.

I’ve gone through phases where I’ve written quickly, almost frantically, about my experiences, about food, about travel, about medicine. Then I go through lulls. I bake and I read about medicine, and I work but I don’t sit down and write, and then I forget. I forget about the catharsis that is writing, and the benefits of stream of conscious words. I forget how good it feels to open up my computer and have the click clack of the keyboard be for just writing.

This time the lull was brought on by a tiny little person that likes to grab things now, and likes to sit up, and likes to play. There is no question in my mind that she is the world’s best distraction because she’s the main event. Oh Shanta.

Life is okay over here. I think I’ve finally got a better handle on what I want to do with my world. Coming full circle…starting out medical school wanting to do primary care, moving to anesthesia which wildly different, then back to internal medicine with a brief foray into critical care and now cardiology. I heart hearts.  I feel at ease. I like the swervy paths in life — no direct walk way here. Just forays into different fields, poking my head through doors, taking a good look, and then walking away until I find the right one.

Anyways, in the vein of one of my favorite bloggers, I’m going to try to write every weekend (or well, I’m a resident, so maybe just most weekends or like…whatever day I have off?). Maybe about baking? Maybe about travel? Maybe about medicine? Maybe about reading? Let’s see where we go with this.

  • I saw a true six second pause that was captured on telemetry while I was feeling someone’s pulse. It was very interesting.

  • This is what it looks like when there is too much fluid around your heart and you’re in tamponade. Yep, that’s my voice in the video asking about electrical alternans.




  • Mindy Kaling is an inspiration. The idea of just continuing, of just doing, and being awesome about it. I think I’ll need that in the next few decades.


  • I think I’m going to read this book next. Stories about the south asian diaspora, feminism, and experiences.

Have a beautiful rest of your weekend, I’m going to go make cookies now.

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