50 new things

I’m going to try to make 50 new things in 2022, and post them here. This isn’t a resolution — it’s a simple idea that makes me happy. I love food, I love making food, I love eating it, I love seeing other people enjoy it, I love sitting around a table filled with food and love. I get a lot of ideas from other people, so when I make their recipes, I’ll link them! So here’s my list:

  1. Aloo Paratha
  2. Napoli-style pizza
  3. Beetroot pasta with feta and dill
  4. Bean and cheese pupusa with curtido
  5. Eclairs
  6. Breton Sable
  7. Saffron cream sauce for pasta
  8. Scallion pancakes
  9. Lemon pickle (south indian inspired)
  10. Dal Makhini
  11. Ras Malai
  12. Panna Cotta
  13. A unicorn cake
  14. Coconut cream pie
  15. Legit Mithai
  16. Falooda
  17. Methi paratha
  18. Baingan Bharta
  19. Tear and share loaf
  20. Victoria Sponge
  21. Madelines
  22. Tiramisu
  23. A mirror glaze
  24. A swiss roll
  25. Black Forest Cake
  26. Samosa
  27. Sprinkle cookies
  28. Cannoli
  29. Puppy Chow
  30. Chocolate fondant
  31. NYT thai curry with silken tofu
  32. Bagel
  33. Pretzels
  34. Cheesecake – Dorie Greenspan
  35. Candied citrus on a cake
  36. Carmel tart
  37. Tomato and goat cheese galette with chives
  38. Sufganiyot
  39. Chana masala
  40. Puri
  41. Momos
  42. Kachori
  43. Queso
  44. Idli
  45. Athela marcha
  46. Compounded butter
  47. Bhajia
  48. Mint chutney
  49. Stuffed eggplant
  50. Royal icing cookies

Here’s to making it happen.

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