A British Breakfast

Arguably the easiest international breakfast ever. A few weekends ago, T- and I went over to a friend’s house in Austin. She and her boyfriend had this lovely apartment near 6th street, and we enjoyed ourselves very much 

As a mid-afternoon snack on our second day there, our lovely yet tiny hostess suggested beans and eggs on toast, and I was like uhhhhhh, okay? 

It was awesome, and easy. It’s literally eggs, beans, and toast. After returning from our mini-vacation, I desperately wanted more beans on toast, unfortunately we had neither beans nor toast in our house. BUT, we retrieved those items from the grocery store this weekend.

I am glad to say, my foray into British cooking was a success. I feel very international. I made mine with just egg whites (I really hate yellows unless they’re in baked goods…seriously hate yellows) and T- with two poached eggs.

Try it, and saying things like “Cheerio” and “right then” or “tea time??” while you’re doing it. (My favorite is: “Long live the queen!” interspersed with “good ol’ chap)  

Beans and Eggs on Toast
1 can vegetarian baked beans 
2-4 slices of toast (I used Jewish Rye) 
4 eggs
1 tblsp butter

Put the bread in the oven to toast. Then heat the butter in a medium saute pan over medium-low heat When it’s melted, crack two eggs in there. and cover so they can poach. Be sure to check on them to see if you need to adjust your temperature lower. It should take about 5-6 min depending on how firm you like the yellows (bleh)

While that’s going, open up your can of baked beans and heat them in a small saucepan over medium heat. Just stir them every few minutes to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom. 

To set it up, put the toast on a plate, slide your eggs on top, and then top the whole thing off with half the pot of beans! 

Use the other half for another serving! Note that this tastes fantastic with just whites as well, and you can cook/poach the whites in the same way you did the whole eggs, it will just take less time (2-3 min). 

Right then, cheerio!  

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