Interesting Article

An interesting article in the NYTimes today about consumers and happiness. It basically says that material goods don’t necessarily make you happy, but spending your money on experiences might be better. It seems like an interesting way to live:

Anyways, I’m starting this blog so that I can record all the stuff that happens with TFA, post-college life, etc. I don’t know if I’ll update it well or not, but I’ve made it private so only the people I invite can see it. So, I’ve invited the people that matter to me. You can read it to see how my life is going so far, etc.

So far, I’m concerned about school starting in a week, and how I’m going to get everything ready especially when I only really get one week for my school to tell me what’s up. But I have faith, others have done it, I can too.

That’s all for now I suppose.

–teacher extraordinaire

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