1st Day at School

So everyone was really nice…the science department is super small — let me see if I can remember all the teachers: it’s me, Ms. M (my department head), Ms. B, Ms. G, Mr. S (last year was his first year teaching, so he’s all about the giving helpful first year teacher hints..he’s also a 9th grade Bio teacher), Mr. M (physics), and Coach something or another who teaches IPC I think. Anyways, of course everyone was going to be nice on the first day.
What seriously surprised me is that we have resources! I mean I have to go back to Target to return folders I bought for the kids because my Department Head heard my idea about giving each student a binder (well, having them buy one…) and decided to order 750 binders for the enter department, so each kid can get one! It’s not because we’re doing awesome though — actually my school is pretty unique..we’re doing quite badly. But we won a grant to increase our technology and student resources, so it’s 5 million over the next three years! 😀 Anyways — I’m glad I can return that stuff to Target though, because it was mad expensive.
Oh, I paid my Amica bill today. Seriously, bills make me feel like an adult. A broke adult.
And my genius idea of making frozen enchiladas in ready to heat foil containers was AWESOME. Tyler and I reheated some of the green enchiladas I made yesterday that were frozen, and it was super easy. I’m really getting on to this whole make – freeze – reheat train 🙂
That’s all for now. Early day tomorrow…getting up super early to work out!
Oh, interesting thing for the day:
This woman’s website is amazing — but the strawberry basil lemonade is doubly amazing. For the past three weeks Thop and I make sure our fridge has a supply of this! We may even serve it at our potential cocktail party this weekend…

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