Room’s Ready To Go…now for LPs

So after three days of INTENSE work, T- and I finally set my classroom up! It’s beautiful…we got rid of so much stuff, and the stuffed away the stuff we couldn’t throw away in to a few random cabinets. We have 10 lab benches, so I can sit up 28 students in my class, my Promethean (smart interactive board) was working, and I had bins set up for everyone. I even put out handouts for everyone! Now, I just have to write out a lesson plan for Monday…for my 90 minute and 45 minute classes. 

OHH and it turns out that I’m also teaching/facilitating (they haven’t told me yet…) a class that students are taking where they just do work on the computer…and I’m supposed to answer any science questions they have? I’m not sure how it works, but its my 6th period class. 

OHHHHH and I blended together plums + heavy cream + sugar and froze it into little heart ice cube holders, we’ll see how they taste, but I hope it’s good 😀 

Off to LP. 


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