PSAT day

So I haven’t really updated the blog in a while, but I came across something that…shocked me, and made me a bit sad, so I thought I’d update.

The students at my high school today, the 10th and 11th graders, took the PSAT. They had 25 minutes per section, used number 2 pencils, and bubbled in information for the college board.

None of them, not a single one in my classroom of 20 students, finished a section of verbal or math. Many of them gave up, and when I gently prodded them to try doing work, they said it was too hard. Some of them fell asleep on their tests. Some of them really tried. But none of them finished a section.

It’s amazing to me — because I remember taking the PSAT, studying for it, working hard, and being nervous about finishing on time, but I did finish on time. So did most of my peers.

This is definitely a glaring indication of the education gap. They are in the 10th and 11th grade, and cannot tell you what the word “exemplary” means. That tells you something about our “exemplary” education system.

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