No Sunday Blues

This weekend has been fabulous.

Friday we went to a party at Mr. Butt’s home in the KW area. It’s a beautiful neighborhood with old houses built in the style of southern plantation homes. The houses are architecturally amazing, with swooping roofs, gargantuan cream-colored columns, and large porches that look out onto perfectly maintained lawns — it’s beautiful, and screams wealthy. Well, Mr. Butt is wealthy, he owns HEB, the go-to grocery store across much of south Texas, parts of north Texas, and Louisiana (I’ve learned that most things that are in Texas, will be in Louisiana as well — it’s weird). He took a small company located in San Antonio, and expanded it across Texas making it a billion dollar enterprise. Anyways — he donated a good deal of money to TFA, taking our 2010 corps from 50 CMs to 100 CMs, and graciously welcoming us into the community with a few different get-togethers and parties. Well, the one this weekend was quite fun. He had dinner, amazing dessert (I think it was churro bread pudding), and a great DJ. It’s probably a first for me, but I thought the DJ was better than the food! He was amazing, he mixed Poker Face with Smells Like Teen Spirit, and he played all the right songs. It was DJ ChickenGeorge I think? Anyways, we walked home after that.

Saturday I had to go to PDAS training which was mandatory, early morning, and boring. But the leaders were energetic, played games, and interspersed interesting slides into their lecture to make it more fun. However lunch was surprising (or I guess not really in many ways), they had no vegetarian food. The woman said “, I don’t have vegetarian options available…OH! I have chicken salad!” So naturally I just went to Sonics. But Saturday night we went to J-‘s for a Halloween party! T- and I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out what our costumes should be…I went from Static cling, to tribolium beetle, to alien, to killer static cling, to a box, when finally, I saw T-‘s fedora and we decided to be…INDIANA JONES and his side kick Ilsa. The party was fun — a lot of cute costumes, but we peaced out kind of early, we were both tired…

Sunday was a lazy day, we both woke up at around 10 o’clock (my phone died, and with it my 9AM alarm) but it was nice to wake up late…ate breakfast, watched the Daily Show, took Jacques out for a walk around the Blue Star area, went to T-bell, and HEB, and now we’re back at 3:17.

The amazing part of this weekend was that I never once felt like crying, like I was overwhelmed and overworked. I got home tired on Friday, and T- swept me up to take Jacques out for a walk then off to Mr. Butt’s. Saturday I got home from PDAS fully prepared to work, but at T-‘s suggestion and my own thoughts…I decided to take Saturday for myself, so I read, relaxed, and tried not to think about work at all. And today is Sunday…and I’m genuinely happy.  I am going to get to work after this, but I don’t really mind, and I know I’m not going to work past 7:30 or 8. I suppose I never realized how important relaxing was. I always think that if I’m relaxing, I’m doing something horrible, I need to be doing work at all times. And you know what, I would be a better teacher, student, doctor, or whatever if I did work all the time, if I made sure it’s all I really thought about 90% of the time. But I wouldn’t be a happier person. I wouldn’t be a healthy person.

I have one life, and it’s so hard to remember that. It’s so hard to realize how precious life is when there’s so much to do, but it’s good to remember it sometimes, like this weekend, take a break.

I really have T- to thank for that. He’s made me so much more of a relaxed person, and I love him so much for that.

This was a long post, but its been so good…so good, to not feel like crying Saturday afternoon because “the weekend is almost over”

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