"Real" real life

It’s weird to think about life post-TFA, and going through the steps to fulfill my dreams post-TFA. My principal asked me a few days ago asked me if I was going to stay on past the two years. That question started me thinking about my life post-TFA. The “real” real life.

Recently, and by that I mean since June, I have been so wrapped up in the teaching world, that I forgot there was a world out there that had to do with what I ultimately want to pursue: medicine.

So tonight, after I spent a bit of time planning week 12 and finishing a few worksheets for wk 11 (next week), I decided to open up that good old MSAR book and look at what schools I wanted to apply to. Doing this sort of took me down a reflective path — I thought about college and what I did, and what I could have done differently.

I loved college. I didn’t know that you could “make” a sister out of your best friend, I didn’t know you could become best friends with someone who you worried about frequently, and I definitely didn’t think you could fall in love with a boy that would eventually become the man you still loved over 3.5 years later. College was a whirl-wind of experiences, both academic and social.

Socially — I would not change a thing. Academically — I could have done better my first 2 years in college. But I was finding myself, finding my own study skills, trying to see what would work, realizing that you must “sacrifice for success” to copy SHHS’s saying. So it took me those 2 years to learn the self-control I have now, the self-control I pride myself on.

So now I’m going through the MSAR book, looking at the GPAs and MCAT scores that are the average at most schools woefully, but when I step back — I’m happy with how my life has turned out so far, and I wouldn’t trade it. So, I’m taking a deep breath, I’m sure a medical school will accept me based on the fact that it is clear that I will be an excellent doctor, rather than my not-super-stellar numbers.

Good night 🙂

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