How To…Make Your Chucks Look Fresher

As a teacher, I almost never sit down between the hours of 8:45 – 4:15 Monday – Friday. I’m either up at the board, flitting between students, or generally hopping around teaching Biology. 

So I don’t wear heels. I wear my good ol’ Converses to school, or as my students call them “my nasty chucks.” 

Why nasty you ask? Because I’ve had them for 1.5 years now, and they’re kinda dirty. Not gross dirty, just that they’re less shiny and new. 

My students value shiny shoes very highly. I see them frequently cleaning/wiping off their shoes to make sure they stay “fresh.” Anyways, my shoes got to the point where I had a student bring a brush to school and offer to clean mine. 

I can’t help it if I wore them gardening…

But I digress…this post is about how to make your Chucks, or any tennis shoes really, shine again! It’s quite simple really. 

What you need
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (the regular kind, off brand works too, it’s what I used)
A bowl of water 

How to do it

Cut a magic eraser in half, so its easier to hold. Then dunk it in water, and start scrubbing your shoes. It honestly doesn’t take that long to see much of a difference. The magic eraser will slowly start to fall apart, that’s okay, just make sure you’re not sitting on a rug or carpet, otherwise it just makes the cleanup harder.

That’s about it. Keep scrubbing until it’s as clean as you want it. Whenever the eraser startes to get dry, dunk it in the water again. 


For this one, I just used the magic eraser along the top quickly. The picture on the left is the uncleaned shoe, and the one on the right is just after a few scrubs with the magic eraser. Massive difference.


I haven’t cleaned the left side yet, but look! The right side is waaaaay whiter! 

How it works

Basically the Mr. Clean scrubs are a type of fine-mesh abrasive plastic that feels really soft when it’s in mass quantity, but it’s quite abrasive at the micro-level…so it can get into all those nooks and crannies regular toothbrushes or scrubbing will miss. It’s why it’s such an effective cleaner! 

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