How To Make…Homemade Holiday Cards

It’s always made me a little bit sad that we don’t receive as much as people did “in the old days.” Now it’s just bills, ads, and the occasional notice of some kind. That’s part of what holidays and birthdays so special…checking the mail to see that, lo and behold, people that you don’t necessarily see everyday love you, and took the time to write words for you, put a stamp on an envelope and stick a card in the mailbox.

I love getting cards, so I send them. I try to remember the birthday/anniversary/big event of everyone close to me and send them a card, because I know I love it, so I am presumptuous enough to think they do too.

I’m not a genius of course, I use this site to help me remember these things, and it works wonderfully.

Anyways, if you’re thinking of sending holiday cards this season, consider making them at home for a few reasons:

1. While there is an initial investment, it’s cheaper overall.

2. It adds a bit of a personal touch to your cards, which is always nice to see. Plus, they’re unique!

3. It’s fun–get your girlfriends, or force your husband as in my case, to help you…they can make their own cards! Put on a movie, a plate of cookies nearby, and dooooo it.

Okay, so here are the basics you need:


  • 2 color ink pads, he
    • I use the brand “color box,” more expensive, but the colors come out beautiful
    • Estimated Cost: $12
  • 1-2 Stamps
    • I used ones that said Happy Holidays and another was a small snow flake
    • Estimated Cost: $6
  • Glitter glue
    • I use clear, it goes well with everything
    • Estimated Cost: $2
  • Cards + Envelopes, any color you want
    • I used sparkly red, but in the past I’ve used lavender purple, green, etc.
    • Estimated Cost: Depends on the brand you get, and how many
I got all my supplies from Michaels. So like I said, you’ll have to invest between $20-$25 up front, but you have card making supplies that make make a plethora of cards. Again, you can also jazz it up in your own way, get pretty ribbon and glue dots, and add some ribbon to your cards.
Maybe get embossing powder and an embosser and get a little crazazy? Just me? Okay.
An embosser and powder. Seriously, it’s awesome.
Anyways, first, set up your situation:
–You want a drying station, where you can put the cards after they’re made
–You want to have a small bowl with water, and dry paper towels nearby if you want to wash the color off your stamps or switch colors
Then you just go! Lay down a card, decide what color your want to use for what, and start stamping!
My Mess
A few tips:
–After you lay the stamp on your card, don’t move it, just apply even pressure across the stamp. Even the slightest movement will lead to “ghosted” stamps.
–If you screw up and the stamp is tilted, whatevs, go with it, use the glitter glue to make it look chic.
–Expect to mess up a few times, I’ve been doing this for a while, and I still screw up.
Have fun, make some cards, and send them to people you love. It’ll put smiles on their faces!

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