Articles 1/7-1/13

So earlier this week we had a mandatory physician advocacy meeting at 7AM. I grumbled and whined about having to be at school at 7AM (never mind that I’m up at 5:30, but to leave my house at 7AM?! The brutality.) Either way, it was pointless griping for the sake of it, because that needs to happen every once in a while. In reality, the meeting was actually interesting. The truth is, as an educated person with a voice, I have all the power I need to be an advocate, which is cool. Anyways, when I can, hopefully frequently, I’m to express my voice by sharing others: posting articles I thought were interesting here. It’s kind of a pain to troll the NYTimes to find interesting articles, so if you have a few minutes and want to read some highlights, here you go:

1. I was wounded, but my honor wasn’t — An opinion piece by an Indian woman who was raped when she was 17, and her thoughts on the idea in parts of India and the broader world that rape is dishonorable because it shames the family. Very very interesting, and moving.

2. Not Even Close, 2012 was the hottest year ever in U.S. — is anyone else a bit worried that Boston and the northeast in general haven’t gotten much snow? It’s weird when people get all excited about winter warmth to me–that’s what summer is for! Anyways, this article talks about how 2012 was super hot, and yes it’s partially due to normal variability but the number of natural disaster and general heat cannot be explained unless view from the lens of global warming. It’s happening people.

3.  Pedophile in Plain Sight — The article says it all. It’s about a coach who abused and raped hundreds of boys at a school in Brooklyn over the course of decades while school officials knew and did nothing.

4. The End of Courtship — An interesting article that argues that perhaps conventional courtship has come to an end. In the world of online dating, text messages, and fewer gender role constraints, perhaps things are changing. My two cents: I would want the conventional pursuit. I would want someone to “court,” plan, and try. You don’t have to pay for the dinner or buy me flowers, but PLAN the meal. I worry that this is something that’s going away.

There ya have it, interesting articles of the week from different areas. Not all of ’em, but something to look over.

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