Articles of the Day

So I got up wicked early this morning and have had the time to read to some super interesting articles…hope y’all enjoy!

Losing My Leg to a Medical Error — super interesting, A. Because I’m going to be a doctor and B. because this is a real problem that the Affordable Care Act can hopefully prevent by reward quality instead of quantity for physicians and creating Accountable Care Organizations. It also reminds me of my own experience when I was in the hospital a few years back.

Strengthening Reproductive Rights in NY — I found it fascinating that “…Mississippi, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming have made state [abortion] laws so restrictive that each of these states has just a single abortion provider. Some states could soon have no abortion services at all.” This is so weird to think about, particularly when I think about the gentleman in Texas who truly argued that women’s rights are were a moot point now, since we’re completely equal. Ha.

Her Mom Abandoned Her When She Found Out She Was a Girl, Now She Could Run A Country This is in the same vein as the last one, but it’s a video from a Daily Show interview. Very powerful and moving. To those who have entirely given up on Afghanistan, it shows how far people have come and how much support they still need. You can’t birth a child raise it for 5 years and call it good. We need to keep this country in our minds because great or terrible things can happen.

Use of the Morning After Pill is On the Rise — an interesting article that talks about birth control statistics and breaks it down by ethnicity. In terms of people using the morning after pill more–fantastic! The increase is in young women, in their early 20s. My thoughts — people make mistakes, Plan B shouldn’t be your primary form of birth control, but if you make a mistake, it’s good to know it’s there and you can rectify it. Another thing–I was surprised that only 57% of Asian women reported using birth control at all, and I wonder how much a role culture plays in that–in terms of being anti-sex, sometimes to a fault. Interesting.

That’s all for now folks!

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