Exploring California Part 6: VOTE tomorrow in your primary elections

California primary election is coming up on June 5th (tomorrow) and if you are a California resident, please go out and vote.

What the primary election does is it narrows down the field of possible applicants (which is what they are–they apply, we decide) for state positions. Like a few other states, California has a top-two primary system. What that means is that regardless of political party, the top two winners will move on to the elections. So you could have two independents, two democrats, or two republicans facing off against each other. It’s little bizarre.

Some people that I talk to aren’t really taking the primary election very seriously, usually saying: what does it matter? California is going to go blue anyways. Though it’s frustrating that in our post-2016 election that people say things like this, it’s even more frustrating because it’s essentially a meaningless sentence. Who cares if California is “going blue” and you agree with that (though please keep in mind that David Nunes is from California)?

What matters is the applicant (candidate) to the position themselves. What do you want in your governor? Lieutenant governor? In this world of police reform and gun violence, what do you want from California’s top law enforcement official, the attorney general? It’s the shades of gray that matter, that will ultimately shape the policy that will affect you and your community. For me that means voting people and policy measures in that will look after my rights, as a woman and a woman of color, look after my patients’ rights, help look after those who can’t look after themselves, protect us from gun violence, and continue to lead California in the resistance against hate, racism, and violence.

It’s our civic duty and privilege to vote in these elections to help shape the future our state. Take some time to look up the candidates, here’s a start: 

A summary of candidates for the Governor’s office from the LA Times

-The Sacramento Bee has endorsed some candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General

A procrastinator’s guide to the California primary elections 

Voting Location Near You: 


Voting Hours: 7A – 8P

Can’t make it this time because you’re working? I get it. I’m a resident, I’m at work before 6AM and not out until after 8P many days — so I vote by mail. Need help figuring out how to do that? Go here.

What do you want our state to be? How do you want to be represented at the national level? Vote, and have a say.

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