This week and Anthony Bourdain

There was a lot this week:  The animosity at the G-7 summit between the US leaders and the European leaders, the Justice Department’s move that could end the ACA’s coverage for pre-existing condition, the critical importance of the flu vaccine, and the death of both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

It’s odd how someone whom you have never met can take you from your living room to a totally different world and show you aspects of culture, society, and people that alter your perspective so dramatically. Anthony Bourdain had that special skill. I remember watching Parts Unknown for the first time skeptically, thinking it was just another show on food and travel that failed to really tell me anything about the food, or the place, or the people. Five episodes later when I popped my head up from binge watching, I was taken aback by vibrancy that came through from his conversations over food. The cultural nuances he conveyed made our world smaller and more human in a way that the world news fails to do over and over again. He went to the places that many of us only have a one-dimensional view of and added texture, added a story, added food, and culture, and history. His stories were a gift that added depth to my world view. He was an interesting man who told interesting stories that made me want to known the parts unknown, I hope he found peace.

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