A nice guy

So this weekend was fun. Friday we went to see a movie (Bridesmaids…hilarious!), Saturday we went to a TFA end-of-year celebration, and then today I’m going to study some Biochemistry and make cupcakes. Could it be more fantastic? 

Yes, one more weekend day.

Anyways, enough dreaming. Friday got off to a rocky start. I had an iffy day at work, my students were okay, but something else happened that irritated me, so I was already on edge. I came home, and we were going to go out…so I went into my closet.

And flipped out. 

I had nothing to wear. Which is kind of funny if you think about it, because my closet is full of clothes. The problem is, they’re basically all work clothes, woren out tank tops, and my favorite shorts (which now have a rip in them so ugh). I have plenty of nice winter clothes, pretty sweaters, nice jeans, but when its humid and 92 degrees outside, your clothes turn into second-skin sticky demons, so heavy jeans are a no no. 

But seriously, I flipped out. T-, being the adorable bunny that he is, had no clue what was going on, every time I would come out wearing something, he’d say, “but you look great in that!” and not fully understand why I was flipping out. But that’s what so great about him, he knew I was flipping out, didn’t understand why, but still wanted to make it better. So after my 15 minutes of freaking out was up, he calmly gave me a hug and said, “tomorrow, we’ll go shopping” 

“BUT YOU HATE SHOPPING! You’ll just sit there and complain, and I’ll buy stupid stuff–“

“nope, I’ll come with you, and it’ll be fine. Boring, but fine.”

Then he looked up a movie time, and off we went. And here starts the second part of our story. We got to the movie theater, with me whining that we were going to miss the previews (wow, I’m really coming off as kinda irritating in this story…), but the theater literally wasn’t there. There was a sign for it, but where it was supposed to be…there was a bowling alley. So I was like huh. 

So we ended up deciding to go to a late night movies and go to the bookstore and read. I was still in a grumpy mood…but this is wear my awesome fiance comes in. We get to the bookstore and there’s a table of one dollar books, and of course, being Indian and Jewish, we head directly towards that table. 

I was browsing through books, still mentally bitching about my clothes and work and applications and biochemistry and the ugly puppy I saw a little while ago and anything else I could think of, I had entered the vortex of “everything sucks,” when T- animatedly held up a book and said, “Jonathan Keller!” 

Me: “Huh?” 
Him: “You know, the mystery writer!!” (T- has no particular fondness for mysteries, but he knows I really do)
Me: (having never heard of this author) “oh” 
Him: “I’m gonna get this for you” 
Me: “I don’t know who that is” 
Him: “It’s mystery, you’ll like it”
Me: “I don’t know who that is”
Him: (Has already walked off to purchase the book) 

I stared at him as he walked to the check out line with the book, and started playing with whatever random items Borders has near their counter.

This seems like nothing if you don’t know us, but it was the sweetest thing in the world. He did it to make me feel better, and it worked. After that, he announced that we should go to California Pizza Kitchen and eat a lot. 

What can I say, the man knows me. 

Either way, I feel lucky that I get to marry someone who can deal with my particular brand of crazy and know how to make me feel better.  


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