Cauliflower Bowl

I want to do things this summer/fall. I’ll make a list. That way I’ll get like 80% of them done. 1. Kayak on the charles 2. Get through Native Son, Notes on a Native Son, Queen of Shadows, and Lolita. A mix of books. 3. Join a book club. 4. Go camping x 2…hopefully in … More Cauliflower Bowl

GF Cucumber Canape

My goal: increase the number of posts I churn out. I love to write, good or bad, I love to write…which any of my friends from college who knew me first year (looking at you Sam and Liz) will laugh at. But whatever, writing is cathartic and expressive and lasting. With a blog though, there’s … More GF Cucumber Canape

Easy Snack: Corn Pizza-tillas, Gluten Free!

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary, and it was amazing. Great food, great company, pretty wine glasses 🙂 I’ll be posting later what we had for sure…it was quite surprising for me. But today, snack time! Want something quick, something tasty, something not so bad for you? Done! Corn Pizza-tillas. Gluten free and done in … More Easy Snack: Corn Pizza-tillas, Gluten Free!

Peach Toast

It’s been a while, I know. Things have been hectic over here. We are getting ready to move, so we’re selling ALL of our furniture (moving to Texas? Need some furniture? I’m selling it all for $250), making plans for our 3 week stay in Paris (!!!), contacting real estate agents in Boston to search … More Peach Toast

Green Eggs

Let me tell you about my allergies. I have never really had them before. In Arizona, allergies aren’t crazy because it’s too hot, and in Boston…well, I don’t know why I didn’t have bad allergies in Boston. But good heavens, in San Antonio…it’s a whole new world!  I didn’t have allergies last year, but then … More Green Eggs

Carrot, Fennel, Red Onion Salad. And I have a Husband.

I made this salad. My husband loved it.  Yep, that’s right, my husband. He’s pretty awesome. He’s this nice guy I talked about before. Now he’s a nice husband.  Our wedding was wonderful. I felt so blessed to have such loving family and friends come and see us. More so, I felt lucky that this … More Carrot, Fennel, Red Onion Salad. And I have a Husband.